Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finding "Purpose"

Finding a purpose.
I've been surfing around for information on the golden calf of American society.

Finding a Purpose”

What I've found is somewhat depressive, everything from boiler plate buddhism to the veiled suggestion to make yourself cry while making a list of things you like to do in life.

For myself, I tend to believe whatever you apply your passion plus your discipline to becomes ones purpose. The above is well intentioned advice, however as the Dhammpada mentions, we all walk upstream in life with no particular end to that stream.

I would suggest to enjoy what one has, do not want more then you can possibly use and finish whatever goal one has for ones life. And that can be anything from starting a multi million dollar business to enjoying a beverage at the water hole. Just do not be so consumed with the goal as to not enjoy the journey.

That lack of enjoyment, usually replaced by everything from hatred, frustration, envy, disenchantment, bitterness, is how lives are wasted. Sadly they are never truly lived in the first place.

Enjoy what is in your cup, even if the cup is empty.

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